. <Getting Roms from your Archie> * .
. . . . .
If your machine has RiscOS 3, you can get the roms by following this guide:

1) Format a floppy disk to 720k from a command prompt with:
format a: /f:720
2) Put the disk in your Archimedes and from the command line type:
save :0.ic24/rom 3800000 3880000m
3) Remove the disk and move the file to somewhere on your your PC.
4) Go back to step 2) and repeat for the other 3 rom files as follows:
save :0.ic25/rom 3880000 3900000
save :0.ic26/rom 3900000 3980000
save :0.ic27/rom 3980000 3A00000
You should now have all the BIOS roms you need to run the emulator.