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I have tried to make this website look as much like the OS of the A3000 as reasonably possible.

The bootup sequence is timed to be comparable to the A3000, or the Archie emulation of one at least.
The main site navigation is via the taskbar, as under RISC OS.
The content of the pages is all placed within tables, layed out to look like windows.
Text windows include the Caret at the bottom.
You can close all the pages by clicking the cross in the window bar.
I have gone so far as to convert a windows useable font for this site, it looks so much better with it.
To keep the colours as accurate as possible I have used a seperate pallete file applied to each image.

You could also use this cursor set. Some browsers may also be able to use this cursor.
And this Windows 95/98 bootup screen.