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1) Download an Emulator
For the purposes of this page I will be recommending and assuming you download Red Squirrel 0.6. You could also try one of the other emulators.

2) Get some RiscOS BIOS Roms
You can read the BIOS roms from your own Archimedes if you have one.

3) Boot your emulated Archimedes
Put the BIOS files in \RomSets\Riscos3_11\ in the Red Squirrel directory. Run RedSquirrel.exe and select A5000 RISCOS 3.1 from the model list. The emulator should now boot to the RiscOS desktop. If you get a command prompt instead, just type 'desktop'.

4) Play some games!
You can download a few disk images from my games page or from the other Archie sites. Once downloaded, use File->Insert Floppy from the menu, or click the floppy disk icon and select the .adf file. Then doubleclick the :0 floppy disk icon in the RiscOS icon bar. A folder window for the floppy disk contents should then open.